How It all Started

From a very young age, Chef Justin has loved food. Unlike most people, he was fascinated with how it was put together and how the end result could bring such joy. Well, at least we don’t actually think about that deeply. Anyway, this lead to his life’s passion.

All of the greatest family gatherings and best memories always had one thing in common… great food. So, Justin quickly realized that food is more than a fuel for life. It is the essence of living. This has been the foundation of his culinary philosophy since those early years.

About Chef Justin

Prior to returning to the Emerald Coast, Chef Justin owned a restaurant by a similar name in Clearwater Florida called The Chef’s Table Cafe. After bringing that restaurant to be known as the highest rated eatery in the city of Clearwater, Chef Justin found that he was missing the panhandle area. As a result, he sold his restaurant and moved back to the 30a/Santa Rosa Beach area. 

While he left a restaurant, he brought home his wide culinary arsenal and an impressive array of recogition.

Throughout his career, he has won a plethora awards including the “Culinary Perfection” award from Southern Living Magazine, multiple “Best of” awards from the Santa Barbara Independent in Santa Barbara California, and the Best Overall dish in the Santa Barbara News Press competition.

A lot of his experience came from spending several years working in Montecito, California preparing meals for various celebrity’s, professional athletes, and sometimes, even royalty.

Chef Justin has trained under Michelin Star awarded French Chef, Jacques Toiuel.

At this point in his career, he’s ready to cook for your family or event with one goal in mind… to make your vacation and/or event a special one to remember.